I started professionally translating between Japanese and English with Columbia University’s student-run translating agency, CUTTA, in 2007. My first experience was translating birth certificates from Japanese to English.

Since then, I have translated and interpreted for countless jobs in a wide range of circumstances.

I have also subtitled Japanese television programs for the public TV station NHK under strict character limits and timing requirements. I’ve also translated raw documentary footage before edits, as well as touched up the translations of completed narrative films. I’ve also interpreted between Japanese and English in person in a variety of environments.

Summary of experience


Translation of recordings of events from Japanese to English (e.g., a TED talk-like technology event, personal interviews)

Translation of news segments from Japanese to English (e.g., a special interest story)

Translation of surveys from English to Japanese (e.g., a corporate ethics survey)

Translation of raw documentary footage from Japanese to English (e.g., The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere)

Supervision of stylistic edits of translations for a film’s final edit

Translation of television programs from Japanese to English (e.g., science programs, art critique, episodes of a period drama)


Interpretation for business transactions (e.g., jewelry trading, marketing meetings)

Interpretation for Japanese corporate retreats and industry tours in the United States (e.g., in the construction industry tour, distribution and logistics industry tour, senior management retreat)

Simultaneous wireless interpretation between Japanese and English (e.g., for Japanese actor Hayato Ichihara)

If you’d like to talk in more detail about my past translating and interpreting experience, please contact me!